More than a bridge

2011 Amsterdam Design

The bridge design is a competition entry for the AC-CA Iconic Pedestrian Bridge Competition in Amsterdam. The concept of the design plays a key role in extending the public space in front of The Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam. By proposing a pedestrian crossing that is envisioned as a promenade with docking areas for local houseboats is meant to give rise to unique interactions between locals and tourists.

Amsterdam is a city of differences on a small scale, where houseboats represent a very specific way of living. The project focuses on social sustainability where interactions between locals and tourists can be intensified. As such the bridge acts as a vibrant cultural environment from which both private and public actors may benefit.

The design is developed around two main elements:
Houseboats: Integrating the Houseboats within the design creates an iconic spot for Amsterdam which offers the possibility of showing a way of living specific to Amsterdam
Dynamic Public Space: The dynamic atmosphere of the bridge is supported by the spatial differentiation done by various transitions from public to private spaces.


Concept and Design
Mariana Popescu, Mihaela Radescu, Ovidiu Stanciu, Dimitrie Andrei Stefanescu