Meristem wall

2021 Design Digital Fabrication Venice

The Meristem Wall is made as an interface between inside and outside rather than a barrier. The gradient shifts from a diverse ecological habitat to the gentle fabric that forms the internal spatial boundary. Interstitial insulation restricts passive heat flow and the embedded transient flows allow for modulation and storage of heat, moisture, and coolth. When experienced from the inside, the tactile softness and sound-absorbing qualities of the custom CNC knitted membrane merge towards the rough exterior, filtering out the urban wildlife. The patterns of the nests on the outside are reflected in a variety of knitted patterns in the interior.
The prototype wall is exhibited at the European Cultural Centre in Venice (Palazzo Mora) as part of the Time, Space, Existence Exhibition during the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021.


Research and wall design
Ana Goidea, David Andreen, Anton Tetov
Knitted textile design and fabrication
Mariana Popescu
Voxeljet, Sandhelden