2012 Installations Interactive Research

A dutch startup developing software tools that alleviate the difficulties of programming large-scale (interactive) networks. Programming large-scale interactive installations may prove complex and exceed allocated resources for the task. The difficulty arising from the interaction of a large number of devices, which makes predicting the final system behaviour difficult – often leading to what is known as emergent behaviour.
HiveKit is a set of tools for designing, simulating, prototyping and deploying complex behaviours for interactive device networks. It offers an intuitive graphical interface for designers allowing them to use algorithms without requiring cutting-edge programming skills. HiveKit automatically generates the software needed for embedded platforms used in the physical prototype and shortens the development time from weeks to hours without the need for complicated or expensive infrastructure.

Examples of the system implementation:


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Tomasz Jaskiewics, Stefan Dulman, Andrei Pruteanu, Mariana Popescu