The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a biannual race for solar-powered vehicles. The aim is that of crossing the Australian Outback from Darwin, in the North to Adelaide, in the south powered fully on solar energy. This route is a total of 3000 km.

The Nuon Solar Team, currently known as the Vattenfall Solar Team, is the student-led TU Delft team designing, building, testing, and racing the Nuna solar cars in the World Solar Challenge.
The team for each race is composed of students at the Delft University of Technology who interrupt their studies for a year to build the solar car. The team members come from various disciplines: electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, sustainable energy technology, architecture, industrial design, and mechanical engineering.

Nuna5 is the 2009 solar car participating in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, which came in second place.


Nuna5 Team
Thomas van Alsenoy, Jacco Boersen, Martin Deuring, Rico van Dongen, Rein van den Einde, Jan-Willem van Gent, Jelle Joustra, Geert Kroon, Jort Kuiper, Rutger Nelis, Mariana Popescu, Bart van Riesen, Jesper Wentink, Anne-Wiebbe de With
Mentor & team coach
Wubbo Ockels

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Hans-Peter van Velthoven and Jorrit Lousberg