A11 highway

2014 Brugge Professional ZJA

Between Bruges’ seaport and the city of Bruges itself, we find the famous polder landscape of Western Flanders. Villages and farm fields, intersected by ditches, rivers, and canals, are surrounded by the expanding port, industrial complexes, and motorways. Architects ZJA and landscape architect Bart Smets provided the design and concept for the integration of the new A11 motorway along with all its civil engineering works that connect the hinterland directly to the seaport of Zeebrugge.


ZJA Amsterdam
own responsibilities: 3D modeling including opening bridge structure and CNC milling models

A roughly 2 meters wide and 5-meter long scale model of a highway intersection node was CNC milled out of 30 X 30cm tiles. My responsibilities were those of making the digital model of the entire piece, including 3D printing models for the bridges, creating the machining paths, operating the CNC milling machine.