Shifting Perspectives

2014 Digital Fabrication Installations Rotterdam

Shifting perspectives is a physical installation exploring the change in social fabric, it’s gaps and it’s deconstruction only to form a new view based on the same building blocks.
Designed by the creative group called Punch Collective, the installation is comprised of 24 squares of 40cm x 40cm forming a big free standing projection screen. Actuators change the configuration of the squares, therefore changing the size of the screen and it’s overall shape, from a full rectangle to a grid of diamonds.
The composition is used as a backdrop for projection mapping from both sides. By changing the morphology of the screen so does the projected clip. The movement allows for variable gaps to form amid the squares composing the screen. Through this method the projected video is broken up into pieces to be decomposed into distinct elements. We construct and deconstruct shapes, forms and concepts on both sides of the projection screen and allow them to overlap through transparencies in the screen.


Achilleas Xydis, Mariana Popescu, Constantinos Miltiadis, Demetris Shammas
Ovidiu Stanciu, Petrica Ionut Banea