Advanced Computational Design – ETH Zurich

2021 Course Teaching

This course teaches structural design opportunities through the use of computational tools and strongly informed by (digital)fabrication techniques. The course lays a strong computational foundation that gives students the confidence to use python coding for design. This fundamental knowledge is subsequently used in design-oriented exercises focusing on form-finding and the design of efficient structural forms informed by fabrication constraints. The course explores a variety of structural design options showcased through research methods used in realized construction projects (e.g. Nest HiLo and the Armadillo vault)‌


  • development of algorithmic thinking
  • understanding of principles of design for fabrication
  • knowledge of basic/medium Python scripting
  • introduction to COMPAS framework data structures and algorithms
  • fabrication aware constrained form-finding

Curse offered by Block Research Group during the spring semester 2021
Course development and coordination
Mariana Popescu
Teaching and development assistants
Lotte Aldinger, Keerthana Udaykunmar, Chaoyu Du