Digital Futures

2021 Teaching Workshops

The workshop Form Finding and Digital Fabrication of Corrugated Concrete Shell Using Knitted Formwork is a collaboration between the BRG, ETH Zürich, and Tongji University. The goal of this workshop is to make the participants acquainted with the basic tools and methods used in the design and construction of thin concrete shells, in particular on knitted fabric shuttering. This includes a general introduction into the computational framework COMPAS, as well as form-finding methods and fabrication constraints. During the course of the workshop, all participants will apply the taught methods to develop a design of their own choosing. Part of the participants will take part physically from Tongji, and will also contribute to materializing a few predetermined prototypes. 

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workshop offered by the Block Research Group for Inclusive Futures
Sam Bouten, Lotte Aldinger, Mariana Popescu, Chaoyu Du, Tom Van Mele, Xiang Wang, Philippe Block, Philip Yuan